The holiday season can be stressful. Whether you’re hosting extended family members or traveling to visit your childhood best friend, there is so much to do to prepare. You have to decorate your home with season items, buy everyone gifts within a reasonable price point, and find delicious meals to prepare. This can create a serious emotional and financial strain. And although you can’t back out of hosting a huge dinner or skimping on the cost of gifts, you can ease your stress by renting a storage unit. Keep reading to find out why you need a storage unit during the holidays.


  1. Make room for your guests and their items. Are you hosting your in-laws this year? Or perhaps having old friends spend the holidays with you? Then you may find yourself needing extra space around the house. Your visitors are now going to need to use the guest closet where you like to keep your summer items. And if you’re used to a childless house, you’re going to want to store any valuables or very expensive items.
  2. Create your own Santa’s Workshop. Can’t find a safe place to wrap your husband’s gift? Worried your dog will think your wrapping bows are a new chew toy? Use a storage unit to create your own safe space, away from prying eyes or possibly damaging situations. You can create your own holiday decorations or make the perfect gift-wrapping station.
  3. Keep your regular décor safe and unseen without cluttering your closets. If you’re the type of person who loves to transform their home into a winter wonderland, then you’ll need a place to store your regular home décor. A storage unit is the perfect place because your items will stay out of the way and you don’t have to worry about any accidents from having too many items around the house.
  4. Hide your gifts in a storage unit so the kids (or any sneaky friends and family members) can’t find them. Any kid knows to check the hall closets or under the bed when they’re trying to find out what their parents bought them, but make it a little harder this year by storing your gifts outside the house.
  5. Buy what you want without worrying about where you can store it. It’s no secret that the holiday season greatly correlates with amazing sales at your favorite retailers. It’s the perfect time to buy without worrying about your finances. But the pain may come later when you get home and realize that your new vase doesn’t match your holiday décor. That’s okay because you’ll have a storage unit where you can keep it until the end of the holiday season.