Giving Sunnyslope a Hand Up!

Did you know that many Arizona families are struggling to afford essential provisions such as groceries, rent, healthcare, and transportation? Renting, buying, and repairing homes can be expensive, leaving these families in a difficult position. However, there is hope. Habitat is actively working to renovate and repair homes for eligible families in neighborhoods like Sunnyslope, thanks to the support of generous partners like Wells Fargo.

It’s incredible to see the transformative work of Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona, especially when it comes to supporting families like Narlie’s during challenging times. The scorching month of July 2023, which marked the hottest month ever recorded, posed immense difficulties for families in Arizona, particularly those who struggled to afford necessary provisions like groceries, rent, healthcare, and transportation.

Fortunately, through the collaborative efforts of Habitat for Humanity and generous partners like Wells Fargo, Narlie’s family was able to receive a vital replacement for their air conditioner. This crucial support helps vulnerable families alleviate the burden of high temperatures and ensure a safe and comfortable living environment.

Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona has been actively working to address the affordable housing crisis in the area, focusing on renovating and repairing homes for eligible families residing in neighborhoods like Sunnyslope. By offering various programs such as home repairs, neighborhood revitalization, aging in place, veteran services, construction training, and the Habitat ReStores, they are actively improving living conditions for many Arizona families.

Since its establishment in 1985, Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona has completed more than 4,000 repairs and positively impacted the lives of more than 5,000 Arizona families. This achievement is a testament to the power of compassion, teamwork, and the unwavering dedication of volunteers and donors.

You can help too! In joining the mission of Habitat for Humanity, you have the opportunity to make a lasting difference. By donating today, you can contribute to the providing decent and affordable housing for seniors, veterans, single parents, and others. Together, we can create positive and lasting change, transforming communities and building a stronger future for Arizona. Let’s give Arizona a hand up!