Singing for Habitat!

Allow us to introduce you to a remarkable young individual, Michael, a high school junior at Chaparral High School. Motivated by the worsening housing crisis in our beloved state of Arizona, Michael has committed his talents and resources to make a difference for those in need. His personal experiences have fueled his passion to address the challenges faced by those affected by the housing crisis.

At the age of 15, without any real estate experience, Michael launched a business with a unique vision. His company focused on converting unused spaces into short and long-term rentals, making the most out of available resources. Despite encountering obstacles along the way, Michael’s sheer determination and hard work eventually led to turning a profit.

But Michael’s story doesn’t end there. Instead of stopping at personal success, he decided to give back to the community. Through donations to the underprivileged and by applying his entrepreneurial skills, Michael began improving housing conditions for low-income tenants on a voluntary basis. He even found a way to leverage his passion for music by offering personalized a cappella messages with his group, asking for donations to support Habitat for Humanity.

Furthermore, Michael has undertaken the commendable task of writing a book. The book aims to guide and inspire others to start similar businesses, providing invaluable advice for converting unused spaces into additional housing units. He firmly believes that encouraging others to donate a portion of their profits will create a positive ripple effect in addressing the housing crisis and supporting the underprivileged.

We couldn’t be prouder of Michael’s accomplishments, and we would be honored to have you cover his inspiring journey. On behalf of Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona, we invite you to help drive meaningful change in your community. Click the button below and let’s give Arizona a hand up!