Sean (pictured in the green shirt) is an Army veteran who heard about Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona from a brochure promoting affordable home repairs for veterans living in Tempe. Sean purchased his first home in Victory Acres in 2015 using a VA Home Loan. He chose to make his home in Victory Acres because it is one of the few affordable neighborhoods in the City of Tempe and is close to where his mother lives. Although Sean sustained injuries during his tour of service in the Army, he doesn’t let physical ailments stop him from living life to the fullest.

As part of their contract with Habitat, homeowners are required to prepare their homes before the paint job by knocking off loose paint and spraying down the house with a garden hose. Sean took this responsibility very seriously by dedicating an entire weekend to the task and going as far as sanding down the fascia to prepare his house for paint. He was also more than happy to paint his house side-by-side with the volunteers on the day of the project.

Sean recently married his long-time sweetheart, Elizabeth. Both were very thankful for the Veteran’s Day promotion from generous sponsors offering them a free roof and paint and were excited to utilize the subsidized home repairs available in their neighborhood. They chose the paint colors of their home together seeking to preserve the retro-80s feel of their home by touching up the unique paint pattern of their garage door.

Sean is an example of someone facing affordability issues in an existing home. He said, “You guys have the most amazing program to help families like ours make our house into a home that we can cherish for our entire lives. Thank you for your hard work and hospitality.” When the work was done, Habitat, along with sponsors and volunteers, had re-shingled the entire sloped roof, replaced damaged wood, installed dual-pane windows and replaced the aging HVAC system.

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