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Serving Those Who Serve

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On a cool Saturday morning in November, Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona had the opportunity to help improve a veteran’s living conditions by revitalizing his yard with some much needed landscaping. Volunteer groups from USAA and Luke Air Force Base worked hard to get the work done in honor of the homeowner, Chip not only served in the Army, both Korea and Vietnam, but also stepped up with a heart of service by volunteering at the Habitat ReStore for more than 15 years.

The difference that Chip has made in the community was also apparent when several of his neighbors stopped by to see what was going on and were elated that he was having the work done that they knew he could not do himself. One neighbor remarked, “I just wanted to make sure Chip wasn’t lugging that wheelbarrow himself!” The difference that a tree and nice gravel can make outside someone’s home is huge. “After my stroke, this yard work stuff became such a pain, but so many people came out and this will be done in no time. It looks beautiful”, Chip remarked as the volunteers socialized and worked together.

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As the morning went on and the work progressed, the volunteers from USAA had made connections with the homeowner and other volunteers from Luke Air Force Base that were really special. The work Habitat is able to facilitate has more than one benefactor, and everyone from USAA was excited to have conversations with active duty military as well as a veteran. They expressed so much gratitude to Habitat staff for working with them to bring this opportunity full circle on Veterans Day weekend. Together, Habitat, sponsors, and dedicated volunteer helped Chip make a more decent place to live – a place that he can take pride in knowing he participated in the improvements.  Habitat salutes all those who served in the U.S. Armed Forces and is honored to lend a hand up to our veterans. 

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