Affordable home repairs through Habitat’s Neighborhood Revitalization program would not be possible without generous and dedicated partners like Grand Canyon University. GCU’s commitment to serving and helping their community as a team is what makes Serve the City such an amazing event every Spring and Fall. This is the second time this year that volunteers have come out in such large numbers to Serve the City. Now in a fifth year as partners, GCU has worked with Habitat Central Arizona to improve the community in and around the Canyon Corridor. With almost 250 projects completed by more than four thousand volunteers, the dedication to help neighbors with home repair projects is stronger than ever.

Along with Donna’s house, GCU volunteers also made a difference on 11 other properties and positively impacted 12 neighborhood families living in the area. Most of the volunteers are students, and days like this allow them to become more active in their community while also providing neighbors with the hand-up they need. As the community around GCU continues to evolve, working with community residents helps create a stronger and more inclusive neighborhood for everyone.

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One homeowner, Donna, who was landscaping her front yard and having her house painted, was genuinely surprised by the number of volunteers working on her house. As she snapped pictures of the work in progress she told a volunteer, “my friends aren’t going to believe this!”