Sandra, a single mom raising three boys, was hoping for a miracle when the time arrived for her to start looking for a home of her own. Life has been challenging for Sandra. She suffers from a shoulder injury that claimed her career in massage therapy.

She now spends her days shuttling Raheem, Roman and Bobby to school, doctor appointments, Occupational and Speech Therapy and music classes. Her days are also filled with coaching her oldest son Raheem, diagnosed with autism, to learn and thrive. Additionally, they enjoy playing board games, venturing to the nearby playground, riding bikes and building sand castles.

The Marin family also frequents the local library searching for books and movies. On one of these trips to the library, she discovered a flier for the Habitat for Humanity homeownership program. This was a blessing. Sandra’s situation required her to look for new housing. She currently lives with her mother, but will soon need to move as her mother is retiring and downsizing. It has been an emotional and necessary decision.

Since being selected into the Habitat for Humanity program, Sandra is hopeful about her future. She has been acquiring “sweat equity” hours working in the Habitat for Humanity offices by helping the administrative staff. She looks forward to the day when she is holding the keys to her own home.

The miracle she was hoping for came in the form of the Habitat for Humanity flier she found at her local library. This miracle introduced her to her sponsors who will grant her the means to a home where she will make memories with her children.

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