Christy Kline is a single mother; she lives with her 18 year old daughter Lynnsey, 12 year old son Joey and 7
year old son Leeon. Christy was born in Arizona, and recently returned after spending several years in Indiana. She is happy to be in her home state, but yet after several moves, she longed to provide her children the stability of a safe and secure home. Although happy in their three bedroom apartment, the surrounding neighborhood had a high crime rate. Christy didn’t feel comfortable letting her children play outdoors.

Employed full time with an insurance company, Christy enjoys going to the movies, reading and playing with her children. She first learned of Habitat while living in Indiana but qualify for the program at that time. Christy has since been working to improve her credit score, manage her finances and improve her life for herself and in turn her children. She is grateful for this opportunity to show her kids the benefits of hard work. She loves the mission of Habitat and looks forward to her children seeing firsthand the kindness and generosity of others.

Christy hopes that her Habitat home will offer her children much needed security and stability; she can’t wait
to make memories in their new home and provide her children with a sense of permanence. She longs for the day that she can look out her window and watch her children ride their bikes through the neighborhood. She believes that a stable place to live will help her children achieve their dreams. For Lynnsey that means a future in sports medicine. Joey works every day to overcome his learning disability and hopes his future will be in agriculture. Leeon is still discovering his interests but he is an avid sports fan. In the meantime they look forward to spending time outdoors together as a family and making their new house a home.

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