Over the last few months women have been coming together weekly to build a home with Emishaw and Sara and their three children as part of the 2019 Habitat Women Build. Projects like these are possible because of Sponsors like Lowe’s, a national sponsor of Habitat projects. Through the Women Build, we’re empowering women to take action and advocate for decent, affordable housing in Maricopa County.

The Dedication of this particular Habitat home is tentatively scheduled for May 11, 2019 at 10am.

National and Local Lowe’s Partnership

Since 2003, Lowe’s has contributed millions of dollars to Habitat for Humanity International. They’ve helped build hundreds of homes across the nation, including this year’s Women Build project in Phoenix.  In 2009, Lowe’s renewed its commitment to Habitat with a five-year partnership agreement. By 2013, Lowe’s had contributed nearly $40 million to Habitat for Humanity.

“Lowe’s involvement with Women Build is much more than a financial arrangement. It is a reflection of our commitment to address the nationwide issue of substandard housing. We are helping to build homes everyone can take pride in including our employees, the volunteers, the partner families and the communities,” according to Larry Stone, chairman of Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation.

Impact of the Lowe’s Partnership in Phoenix

Locally, things kicked off on early Saturday, February 2nd with a multi-sponsor build day and a traditional wall signing ceremony that included the family. It was a gorgeous day with an unrivaled sense of spirit and enthusiasm. This project is being led by a collaborative leadership team effort. That first morning was welcoming and high-energy! Then again on Saturday, February 9th, Habitat hosted the first major build day. These are volunteer days in which up to 75 volunteers are on site at a time! Turnout reached around 60 participants and a great time was had by all. There were three vendors on site supporting the event. and volunteers were so excited and engaged.

Habitat would like to extend many, many thanks to Lowe’s who was vital in helping reach and exceed our $75,000 Goal.

“We are thrilled to announce that we exceeded our goal to sponsor a Women Build home in our first year!” says Director of Sponsor Relations, Micaela Cheatham, “A total of 125 fundraisers raised almost $40,000 towards the sticks and the bricks of the home. This, plus the incredible Women Build sponsors who contributed an additional $67,500, combined for a total of $103,000 far exceeding our $75,000 goal. We are absolutely thrilled and honored that so many wonderful women have jumped on board and are supporting our mission of building a better Arizona!”

We were so excited to have Lowe’s and Lowe’s employees play a huge role in Habitat projects and look forward to their continuing support of our mission to provide safe and affordable homes to families like the Zenagebriel family.

The Family

Six years ago, Emishaw and Sara left Ethiopia with their two young sons, Aman and Yisak. They settled in Arizona and have since had their daughter Rihan. Their two-bedroom apartment quickly became too small for the growing family. They enjoy being involved in the community and knew they needed another housing option. When they mentioned this to a friend, they learned their friend was a Habitat homeowner and were encouraged to apply for a Habitat Home themselves. Habitat looks for three initial qualifications when partnering with families: a need for affordable housing, a willingness to partner with Habitat, and the ability to pay back an affordable mortgage.

Emishaw loves helping people and works in a position where he helps those with special needs. Sara previously worked in cleaning services but wanted to spend more time with her children. She is now a stay at home mom. The family enjoys soccer, reading books, and watching movies. Sara is joyful and grateful for the opportunity to be a Habitat Family and looks forward to having time in a home to call their own, with space for the children to learn, play, grow and thrive.

As a Habitat Family, Emishaw and Sara have contributed 400+ hours of sweat equity toward the building of their home. Sara loves learning while she is out building her house and mostly enjoys hammering. They look forward to being involved in the community and are excited to build new relationships with their future neighbors. Owning a Habitat Home will give the family the security and stability they need.

In addition to Lowe’s, our Corporate Sponsors for the 2019 Women Build include: Amazon, Freedom Financial Services, APS, SRP, and State Farm and the many hard-working and brilliant women who spearheaded this effort by raising almost $40,000.