Let’s Give Arizona a Hand Up!

Meet Frances, a 69-year-old retiree, and a beneficiary of Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona. She exemplifies how our mission of providing affordable housing solutions to those in need is crucial in Arizona. Despite working for 15 years and receiving a pension and social security income, Frances struggled to pay for much-needed housing repairs. Her leaking roof, old carpet, and inefficient HVAC system made her living situation precarious, especially during monsoon season and the extreme Arizona heat that has caused over 425 heat-related deaths in the greater Phoenix area alone.

With generous support from donors like you, Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona addressed Frances’s home repair needs, providing her with a much safer, accessible, and comfortable home. We installed a new roof and laminate flooring, improved the landscape, painted the home, and most importantly, installed a new HVAC system. Thanks to Habitat’s efforts, Frances no longer has to worry about costly and uncomfortable living conditions, and she can rest easy with a safe and secure home.

The need for affordable housing and affordable repairs in Arizona is significant, especially for seniors like Frances. Your contribution can make a significant impact on Arizona’s low-income families and seniors in desperate need of affordable, safe, and comfortable housing. Donate today and help Arizonans like Frances stay in their homes safely and affordably. Let’s give Arizona a hand up!