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Innovation, Collaboration and Celebration in Arizona

We use two words a lot here at Habitat for Humanity the first is amazing, as in our amazing sponsors, families and volunteers. The second is miracle in that it often seems like a miracle that we can bring all three of our Amazing components together at the same place and time to build or repair a home! Yet God is good and somehow it seems to work out.
However, one thing remains in absolute abundance, and that is families that could use our help. Hard working, amazing Arizona families that long for a decent, affordable place to call home.
3D House 35
Habitat was pleased to announce the completion of its first 3D-printed home in Arizona in late February 2022. The celebration and open house was open to the public and well attended. The many generous sponsors, supporters, in-kind donors, and volunteers were recognized for making this one-of-a-kind home happen.
We are also expanding our Veterans program! Since starting the program in 2019, Habitat has been able to serve 118 veteran families in Arizona. Habitat helps qualified veterans with major repairs, much like its Aging in Place program, including tub/shower conversions, HVAC repair or replacement, and much needed roof repairs. The program originated from a generous donation from the Milanovich Family Trust as the were keenly focused on serving veterans with housing needs in exactly this way.