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Bringing Fundraising to the Metaverse

Pictured above Jason Barlow, President & CEO of Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona (Center) Omar Abdallah (Left) and Jordan Rose (Right) of Rose Law Group.

Habitat Central Arizona continues to keep innovation top of mind as we hosted the first nonprofit fundraiser in the metaverse. The first ever fund-raising event in the metaverse to benefit a 501(c)(3) charity kicked off  on April 7th. Rose Law Group of Scottsdale has constructed a charity gala in the metaverse to help Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona address the very real problem of the lack of affordable housing.

The virtual fundraiser is being held in a Habitat house was built in Decentraland for donors to visit online and purchase non-fungible tokens (NFT). All of the proceeds from these purchases go directly towards furthering the mission of Habitat. When asked why the metaverse? Habitat President & CEO, Jason Barlow stated, “Any money we can bring back to Habitat will be beneficial to all [Habitat] families because it will help us continue to purchase land, buy materials, and build homes.”

This fundraiser comes at a time when home prices continue to escalate placing the prospect of home ownership out of reach for countless working families. Habitat is hoping such innovations in fundraising and home construction will help us rise to these new challenges, and help us serve even more Arizona families in need of safe and affordable homes.

This metaverse Fundrasing event represents a transformative way to bring attention to the housing crisis in one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. 

Learn more about this unique fundraiser and grab your one-of-a-kind NFTs below.