Homes for the Holidays with Kurt and Brenda Warner

NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback Kurt Warner and his wife, Brenda, through their First Things First Foundation, are transforming lives and creating memorable moments with their Homes for the Holidays program.

Long associated with generosity and sharing, the Warners continue their legacy off-field by giving back to the community. The Warners’ First Things First Foundation has been unwavering in its commitment to “putting first things first” by sharing love and creating opportunities for those less fortunate.

This year, the foundation once again partnered with Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona to adorn a Habitat home with new furnishings. The Homes for the Holidays initiative, since its inception in 2001, has notably championed single-parent families.

The special moment is such a surprise for single parents who have cemented their new beginnings with a home from Habitat. On stepping into their new dwellings, families find them fully furnished and festively decorated for the holiday season. The surprise doesn’t stop at furniture; the homes are filled with everything from a stocked pantry to presents under a Christmas tree.

“Our Homes for the Holidays program is more than a house—it’s a moment of joy and a fresh start,” said Brenda Warner. “Our partnership with Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona is about building hope and creating a home filled with love.”

The Warners work personally with sponsors and partners, Aaron’s, U-Haul, Brooklyn Bedding, and Sprouts Farmers Market to carefully select each item. It’s this attention to detail that provides a sense of comfort and ownership, words echoed by recipients who call it a “dream come true.”

Inspired by the Warners’ own personal story of struggles and triumphs, the First Things First Foundation mirrors the couple’s dedication to service and the community. The Homes for the Holidays program is just one of the many innovative strategies employed to create a lasting change.

This partnership is changing lives and proving that the magic of the holidays resides not in receiving, but ultimately in the joy of giving. As Brenda Warner said, “The best way to appreciate your own blessings is to bless others.” Their endeavor continues to inspire, demonstrating that for the Warners, it’s always about putting ‘first things first.’