Havasupai Build 2024

Habitat for Humanity Arizona Affiliates Successfully Complete Two Homes with the Havasupai Tribe in First-Time Collaboration

Habitat for Humanity Affiliates from across Arizona have successfully completed two new homes in collaboration with the Havasupai Tribe located in Supai Village, situated deep within Havasu Canyon in the southwestern portion of the Grand Canyon.

This unprecedented collaboration signified a shared commitment from Habitat for Humanity staff and volunteers to working alongside the resilient people of the Havasupai Tribe to build two homes at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

“We are so pleased of how our teams from across Arizona came together to build these homes, and we are excited to see first-hand the positive impact they will have on the Havasupai Tribe,” said Habitat Central Arizona’s President & CEO, Jason Barlow. “This project aligns with our mission of building a better future and stronger communities for all Arizonans.”

Recognizing the unique challenges of building in their remote location, the Havasupai Tribal Council’s search for a partner that understood those challenges led them to Habitat for Humanity. “It was extremely important to the Tribal Council that our homebuilding partner not only provide a suitable housing option but did so with respect for our cultural and the privacy of our community” said Bernadine Jones, Tribal Chairwoman. “Habitat’s long history of providing affordable housing and bringing communities together made them the perfect partner for this project,” highlighted Chairwoman Jones.

The two homes took approximately 14 weeks to build with the help of more than 150 Habitat volunteers and staff. Materials were trucked to Hilltop and flown in by helicopter when needed, including prefabricated wall panels manufactured at Habitat Tucson’s CHUCK Center, their innovative new facility aimed at addressing affordable housing and workforce development in the trades.

According to Habitat Tucson’s CEO, Charlie Buchanan, this partnership is a true testament to the commitment Habitat holds towards inclusive and equitable development. “By working hand-in-hand with the Havasupai Tribe, the organization not only built physical structures but also fostered trust, mutual respect, and lasting relationships rooted in shared goals and aspirations. We are truly honored to have worked alongside the Havasupai Tribe to build these homes and are excited to continue our collaboration for a brighter future.”