Habitat Now! Episode 7

In a recent episode of the Habitat Now! podcast, Habitat for Humanity’s Andrea Northup spoke with Erik Nelsen, the Director of Spiritual Life at Grand Canyon University (GCU), about their partnership and the positive impact it has had on both the local community and GCU students.

The partnership between Habitat and GCU began in 2016 with the creation of the Canyon Corridor Neighborhood Revitalization Project. The project aimed to restore and revitalize neighborhoods in the West Phoenix area through home repairs and renovations. Since then, more than 500 homes have been renovated, and countless families have benefitted from the project.

Nelsen shared that the partnership provides GCU students with hands-on experience and the opportunity to serve in their local community. Students can gain practical skills and experience while making a meaningful impact in the lives of others. Additionally, Habitat for Humanity’s commitment to affordable housing aligns with GCU’s mission to make education accessible to all students, including those from underserved communities.

Northup and Nelsen also discussed the positive impact of the partnership on the local community. The home renovations not only improve the quality of life for the families but also benefit the neighborhoods as a whole by increasing property values and promoting neighborhood pride.

Habitat for Humanity’s partnership with Grand Canyon University has had a significant positive impact on the local community and GCU students. The partnership demonstrates the power of collaboration in creating sustainable change and improving the lives of those in underserved communities.