Decent. Affordable. Housing. That’s what Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona (Habitat) is all about. Our mission is to bring people together to build homes and communities – Simple and straightforward, but challenging to achieve. An estimated 16.7% of people are living in poverty in Maricopa County at this very moment. Most are hardworking individuals and families that just don’t earn enough to qualify for conventional home financing. As a result, they are often forced to shelter in cramped, undesirable quarters with unsanitary facilities and inadequate protection from the elements.

This is where Habitat can help. We partner with these families, local sponsors and municipalities to create decent, affordable housing. To qualify they must be US citizens, have a steady job, earn within 30-60% of the average median income for their family size and area. They must also commit 200-400 hours of sweat equity in the actual construction of their home. Additionally, they take classes in financial literacy and home maintenance and must be able to pay closing costs and a mortgage on their new, or reconstructed home. Habitat families pay for their homes on a monthly basis, like most everyone else. This is not a giveaway program. We like to say what we do is a “hand up, not a hand out.”

Incidentally, Habitat homeowners have a loan failure rate of less than 2%. That’s less than half the rate for Arizona’s conventional mortgage market. Our homeowners genuinely want to improve their circumstances and are willing to partner with Habitat long term to make their dream of home ownership come true. Habitat affords equal opportunity to anyone who qualifies. Of course, there is much more to our programs and organization. From our tremendous volunteers to our wonderful donors, we’ve been building in the Valley for more than 30 years and plan to continue until everyone has a decent place to live. That’s our vision and everyone at Habitat is committed to this. Let’s eliminate poverty housing in our community.

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