When it comes to revitalizing and repairing homes in Central Phoenix, we can’t do it alone.  Over four days in October, more than 400 volunteers from Quicken Loans, and the community at Grant and Central Park near downtown Phoenix, donated time, labor, and expertise to improving the quality of life for neighbors in the area.

From an interview with Fox10 News, “We have three pieces that have to come together,” said Debra Bradley, Chief Financial Officer of Habitat for Humanity Central, “The funding has to be in place, the families have to be in place, and the volunteers have to come together in one place at one time…  It doesn’t get any better than this.”


For the three consecutive years now, Quicken Loans has been a key sponsor and brought out hundreds of volunteers during what is branded as Neighborhoods Week to make home improvements including landscaping and painting. Of special note this year, is the ongoing work on a small community garden located at 3rd Avenue and Grant Street, which not only brings neighbors together but also provide families with fresh fruits and vegetables. For local families struggling to pay basic expenses, every bit helps. These efforts were deemed even more “neighborly” as Quicken has recently relocated much of its Scottsdale workforce to Downtown Phoenix and Grant park is located between Quicken’s new office downtown and Habitat’s office located on South Central Avenue.

Once known as Phoenix’s first suburb, many refer to the community as “the neighborhood that time forgot.” This long-established community consists of many multi-generational families still living in homes their parents and grandparents lived in. The average income for a family in these neighborhoods is roughly $20K per year, and as a whole, the community falls below the poverty line.  The transformative development, investment and all-around makeover of Downtown Phoenix stopped just a block north of this community.

“We’re so pleased to partner with residents in the community and Phoenix Revitalization Corp. to not only improve how the neighborhood looks, but also, make critical and affordable repairs for some who have lived here for generations,” says Gabriel Jaramillo, Director of Community Development at Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona. “Neighborhood revitalization projects like this could not happen without a partnership with the community and sponsors like Quicken Loans.”

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