Safety Guidelines

The job site is a crowded place, please be aware of your surroundings at all times. You are responsible for your own safety as well as the safety of others and if you see something unsafe, please mitigate the problem or notify your House Lead. No one younger than 16 years of age is permitted on a jobsite, as specified in Arizona State Labor Laws.

Habitat requires all jobsites to be compliant with OSHA Controlled Access Zone (CAZ) requirements. A CAZ is an area where work may take place without the use of full protection systems. Habitat requires full protection quadrant systems be installed at fall risks six (6) feet or greater.


Dress with Safety in Mind

Clothes should fit comfortably, but should not be baggy. We ask that long sleeves  are buttoned and  long hair is pulled back. Please do not wear jewelry or open shoes/ sandals.Work boots or hiking boots are recommended, but thick soled athletic shoes are acceptable, as well. Hard hats and eye protection must be worn in the Controlled Access Zone.


Before Working, Survey the Area

Look on the ground and overhead for obstacles. Be especially careful when carrying long objects; know where the ends are going. Watch for holes and slippery conditions.



Always follow specific directions from your House Leader or Team Leader regarding the use of tools. Don’t pull knives toward you or anyone else and use gloves when instructed. We provide tools for our volunteers, but if you choose to bring your own, please mark them with your name and keep them with you throughout the day.


Power Tools

Before operating any power equipment, always seek instruction from the House Leader or Team Leader. Inspect the cords, outlets and blades before using. Do not disable any safety features.  Cords should be unplugged prior to adjusting. Keep fingers away from moving parts and ensure that the power cord is out of cutting area. No one under 18 may use power tools.


Roof and Ladders

Exercise caution when using ladders. Use a partner to steady a ladder and place it on a stable surface. Take the time to move the ladder correctly rather than leaning out too far over the edge. When working on the roof, move slowly and carefully. Never lay anything down on a pitched roof and please be careful with tools and other objects so that they do not fall off and injure someone. Falling objects are a major cause of injury on the construction site, so be aware of people working above and below you. No volunteer (or family member) under 18 may be on a roof. Do not get on a roof or any area where fall risk is six (6) feet or greater without proper fall protection installed.


Maintain Good Housekeeping

A clean worksite is essential to your safety. You are responsible for disposal of personal refuse, including water bottles, lunch remains, etc. Please place trash in large dumpsters. Remove nails from scrap lumber. All jobsites need to be left clean at the end of the day.


Lifting and Carrying

When lifting, stand close to the load, bend your knees, grasp firmly, and then lift by straightening your legs. Keep your back straight and your body vertical. Get help with heavy or long loads.


Flexibility is Important

Remember that we run on volunteer power. Our houses are at various stages of construction, so you may be assigned to a task that you were not expecting. If you are ever uncomfortable performing a task, let your crew leader know immediately.


Volunteers Must Sign a Waiver Before Participating in Construction

Volunteers should carry medical identification and emergency contact information on the jobsite.  An emergency contact number is required for each person at the beginning of each volunteer day.


Construction Rules

  • All new volunteers must attend a volunteer orientation prior to volunteering.
  • Volunteers must have a current signed waiver on file before volunteering on site.
  • It is not legal for anyone under age 16 to be present on the construction site.
  • This is an Arizona State Law. Younger volunteers are encouraged to volunteer in hospitality or other non-construction areas.
  • Youth 16-17 years old are not allowed on a roof or to operate power tools.
  • Habitat requires that all volunteers attend and sign off on daily job site safety meetings prior to entering the Controlled Access Zone.


Lunch / Refreshments

Unless you have been told by your group leader that lunch will be provided, you should plan to provide your own lunch. Water will be provided on site