There’s still time to make a difference with Habitat for Humanity and get a 2018 state tax credit in the process! Ask your tax preparer about the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit. Habitat for Humanity qualifies as an eligible charity so your donation is eligible for a dollar-for-dollar tax credit.

How it Works

Even if you don’t itemize your tax return, you are able to take advantage of this tax credit. For 2018, single and heads of household taxpayers have a max of $400 while married filing jointly have a max of $800. To claim the credit, you must complete Arizona tax form 321 and file with your Arizona tax return that is postmarked by April 15th.

Why Charitable Tax Credits Matter

Individual donors are mission-critical to organizations like Habitat. Your donation means we can continue to support our mission of creating safe and affordable housing for Arizona families.

“Charitable tax contributions are vital to our local nonprofit community,” according to Arizona-based nonprofit leader Jarrett Ransom of The Rayvan Group, “Nonprofits like Habitat are able to serve more people, develop new projects, and expand existing programs. Your contribution is creating opportunities. It’s a win-win for taxpayers and for Habitat.”

If you owe taxes to the state of Arizona, it may make sense to make a charitable donation to a qualified organization like Habitat for Humanity.

Shanna Tingom of Heritage Financial Strategies says, “Charitable tax credits benefit organizations in our communities. Your donation benefits you as the taxpayer as well as the nonprofit, and lowers your tax liability owed to the government. Check with your tax preparer before making a contribution.”

Keeping money in the community benefits all of us. Neighborhoods are revitalized through affordable home repairs such as roofs, windows, landscaping, painting, and, in some cases, community gardens. Homes are built or renovated for qualified families. Residents see improvements and feel more secure and safe in their homes and in their neighborhoods.

What Giving Means for Habitat for Humanity

For Habitat for Humanity, it means we can continue to help families like the Zenagebriel Family build a future for their kids. The parents and two sons immigrated from Ethiopia two years ago and have since added a baby girl to their family. Their current home isn’t safe for the family and they need more space for one of the sons who has special needs.

For more information, visit our Arizona Charitable Tax Credit page or click here to donate now and always contact a qualified tax advisor for advice on your taxes.