When you talk to a future Habitat homeowner it’s apparent how excited they are to move into their new home. But, when the last nail has been hammered and the keys have been handed over, how does the family decide on the decor of their dream home? Many Habitat homeowners have not considered such things in their previous living situations, but are eager to make these decisions in the home that they helped to build and now own.


One innovative way Habitat helps families with such decisions is through a partnership with the ASU Design School. Through this unique partnership, interior design students can work with future Arizona homeowners to help the family’s vision of their new home come to life. First, each group of students consults with the families to understand their personal tastes and how those tastes can fit into the floor plan of the house. Many of the students then visit the build sites to see the space they are designing for in person. They also take a trip to a local Habitat ReStore to incorporate environmentally friendly practices into the plans.

Lastly, students present printed visuals and concepts to the families. The most recent group of families had particularly notable reactions to the results they were given. They remarked upon how grateful they were able to see their vision in front of them, especially because not everyone can afford the services of an interior designer. These families were then given surprise gifts from the group they worked with. One homeowner commented, “…this is truly an awesome experience!” We are so glad to able to work with organizations that bring even more value to the experience our future homeowners have, and we are excited to collaborate and see visions of strength and stability realized. 

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