A team of APS employees will soon grab their hammers and hard hats and get to work building a Habitat for Humanity home for a limited-income family, in partnership with the City of Peoria. As is tradition, the project will begin on February 20 with a wall-signing ceremony and the lifting of the first framed wall of the home. Work will continue for four months, culminating with a dedication ceremony this summer.

“I speak for the entire company when I say it is our privilege to be directly involved in the good work that Habitat for Humanity of Central Arizona is doing to improve the lives of Arizonans,” said Sue Kidd, APS General Manager, Transmission & Distribution Engineering and a Habitat for Humanity of Central Arizona board member. “With each home built by Habitat for Humanity volunteers, a family realizes the American dream, and our community becomes that much stronger.”

This isn’t the first time APS has partnered with Habitat for Humanity. The electric utility company first forged its relationship with Habitat in 1997. And, for each of the past five years, an APS volunteer crew brought their enthusiasm and do-it-yourself skills to a home-build project, logging nearly 5,000 total volunteer hours.

Last year, Habitat for Humanity participated in the APS Solar Assist program for the first time. APS Solar Assist is a voluntary contribution fund that assists with the funding of rooftop solar systems for single-family limited-income homes constructed by Habitat for Humanity. This program, established in conjunction with the statewide Arizona Corporation Commission Voluntary Solar Fund, offers individual donors the ability to directly support rooftop solar through voluntary, tax-deductible contributions. The recipients, who must meet Habitat’s stringent requirements regarding home ownership and “sweat equity” are selected by Habitat for Humanity.

“This program is a true win-win,” said Kidd. “APS Solar Assist gives Arizonans an easy way to make a tax-deductible donation that directly benefits a low-income family and gives them access to cost-saving, renewable solar energy.”

Those interested in making a donation to the APS Solar Assist program are invited to learn more here: https://www.aps.com/en/communityandenvironment/charitablegiving/solar-assist/Pages/home.aspx

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