How to Apply for a Home

What is the Habitat for Humanity Model?

Habitat homes are built based on a partnership between a family and the community. A qualifying family pays for their home through a down payment of 400 sweat equity hours on new construction/at least 200 hours on a renovation, and a no profit loan. This model helps to keep the upfront costs and monthly housing payments low. The qualifications to apply for a Habitat house are as follows:

  • Meet income requirements and affordability.
  • All household members must be a US Citizen or permanent resident.
  • Two-year history of stable income at 30-60% of the Maricopa and Pinal Count Area Median Income.
  • Ability to pay a monthly mortgage and $ 3,500.00 in closing costs.
  • Acceptable history of credit and the inability to get a traditional home loan.
  • Live in inadequate or substandard housing.
  • Willingness to partner and contribute 400 sweat equity hours on new construction/at least 200 hours on a renovation.

How Do I Learn More?

To find out more about the program or to find out if you qualify:

  • Call Family Services at 602.268.9022 for the Phoenix Office, 623.583.2417 for the Peoria Office.
  • Download a Homebuyer Pre-Screen Questionnaire PDF.
    English / Español
  • View office locations here.

What Should I Bring To A Pre-screening Appointment?

In order to find out if you qualify, please bring the following to pre-screening (if you are a couple, both must be present):

  • Valid Driver’s License or State-Issued ID Card per applicant over age of 18
  • Birth Certificate, Permanent Resident Card, Passport or Naturalization Certificate for all household members
  • Social Security Card for all household members
  • Pay stubs for last three months per applicant
  • Past three years of signed tax returns and W2’s per applicant
  • Proof of any additional income such as SSI Award letter, child support order, divorce decree, etc. for last two years
  • A non-refundable $50 Money Order per applicant (waived for military applicants)


If you have questions about how to apply for a home, please use our Homeowner Contact Form.




Special accommodations will be made upon request.
For questions on homeownership, email us through our homeownership contact form.

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