Our Team

Senior Executives

Jason Barlow


Lisa Weide

Chief Program Officer

Debra Bradley

Chief Operating Officer / Chief Financial Officer

Roger Neuhaus

Chief Development Officer

Todd Rogers

Chief Strategy Officer


Dusty Parsons

Director of Marketing & Communications

Liz Pabst-Wanless

Director Central Development

Sponsor Relations

Micaela Cheatham

Assistant Director Sponsor Relations

Andrea Northup

Sponsor Relations Coordinator

Kathrine Steele

Sponsor Relations and Development Assistant

Volunteer Services

Luz Aguilar-Johnson

Volunteer & Community Support Manager

Jahayra Rios

Administrative Assistant

Grace Bishara

Volunteer Coordinator

Family Services

Maribel Saucedo

Director of Family Services

Rosie Dominguez

Senior Case Manager / Loan Processor

Gabriel Jaramillo

Director of Community Development

Jessica Sepulveda

Senior Neighborhood Revitalization Case Manager

Shavonne Blanco

Neighborhood Revitalization Case Manager

Leti Armendariz

Assistant Director of Family Services

Karina Ortega

Case Manager

Mary Lopez

Administrative Assistant

Daniela Cardenas

Administrative Assistant


Lane Stumme

Director of ReStore Operations


Albert Gonzales

ReStore Manager

Priscilla Lopez

ReStore Assistant Manager


Chris Carrillo

ReStore Manager

Richard Morrison

ReStore Assistant Manager


Christina Martinez

ReStore Manager

Alec Friday

ReStore Assistant Manager


James Willette

ReStore Manager

Michael Perez

ReStore Assistant Manager


Steve Horst

Director of Construction

Pat Veit

Construction Operations Manager

Todd Buckner

Assistant Director of Construction

Steve Scherpenberg

NR Operations Manager

Tana Nichols

Director of Land Acquisition and Development

Evelyn Ochoa

Pre-Construction Operations Manager

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Phoenix Office
(602) 268-9022
115 E. Watkins St.
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Peoria Office
(623) 583-2417
9133 NW Grand Ave., Suite 1
Peoria, AZ 85345