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A Season of Thankfulness

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To kick off a season of thankfulness, one Habitat family recently received a special surprise, a furnished home from our long-time friends, Kurt and Brenda Warner and their foundation, First Things First.

New Habitat homeowner, Elsa, brought her children to what she thought was going to be an ordinary ribbon-cutting ceremony to receive her home. After a few introductions, short speeches and prayers were shared. Freshly cut ribbon fell to the ground. As Elsa and her children opened the front door to their new Habitat home, they were shocked. The living room was full of new furniture! Their shock continued as Kurt and Brenda Warner walked the family through the home. Every room was fully furnished. Elsa, nearly speechless, repeated “Thank you” over and over.

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Elsa’s oldest son, Christian, was excited about a new laptop in the living room. He will use that laptop for studying, homework and accessing the internet to further his studies. Elsie was excited to have a bedroom of her own featuring her favorite colors. Little Dominick stood in his crib and danced before laying down looking wide-eyed at his new mobile. The family’s vision of spending time together in their new home was clearer than ever.


At Habitat we are so grateful for generous friends like Kurt and Brenda and their First Things First Foundation. Many others also made the special day possible including Aaron’s Furniture, U-haul, Brooklyn Bedding and Sprouts.


To learn more, or to help even more families build an affordable home to call their own, please consider making a gift to Habitat today!

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