Sarah is a GCU student who recently volunteered with Habitat as part of our ongoing neighborhood revitalization efforts in the Canyon Corridor.  She shared the experience via Instagram and we decided to share it just the way she did.  These are her words.

“For a while I had been praying that God would place a serving opportunity into my life…

Just this past Monday I walked into chapel and a girl handed me a flyer. I quickly glanced at it and BAM! I realized it was for serve the city through Habitat for Humanity. I instantly signed up for a group not caring who it was with or what we were doing, all I knew was God handed me this chance to serve and show His love to a homeowner. As we arrived to the house this morning the sun was barely rising and I was happily greeted by Karen the homeowner. She was grinning from cheek to cheek, and as we began landscaping her yard all she could do was just continually thank us and say how much we were changing her life.

Throughout the work day she kept saying how she wanted to just hug all of us and not let go,so of course after we had finished up I just had to give her a hug! She told me she didn’t get it, she didn’t understand why a bunch of young college students wanted to wake up early and help her fix up her yard,she was just blown away and in awe. Words can barely begin to express her grateful and loving heart and I was blown away by her gratitude towards us. I was completely humbled and blessed to have been able to serve and love on this wonderful women, she thinks she’s the one who was blessed but at the end of the day God blessed us both with each other.”

– Sarah

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